Sautech Experience

Established in 2003, we have experience in multiple projects, clients and technologies. As a security precaution, we do not list any client’s name or contact information.
To list a few industries, projects and skill sets we were either involved in or offer:

Banking and Financial services

Small / Medium and Blue-Chip Organizational Hosting and Security

Government and Political Party Hosting

Top Tier Provider of Security Infrastructure for ISP’s

Managed Services

Disaster Recovery Outsourced Provider

Internet Connectiivity

Ransomware Protection, Consulting and Recovery

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Network Design Consultiing

International Hosting to various industries in other countries hosted in South Africa with Sautech

As per the above, we are not industry focused or service providers for only specific areas within an industry. Although we have standard services, our value add is that we design specific solutions or consulting for projects, infrastructures or security application implantations.
We have worked either directly or indirectly (outsourced) as consultants or dedicated engineers in the South African Stock Exchange market by either connectivity, security or infrastructure design, Disaster Recovery and business continuity.

Value Add

Our value add is that we are independent from your current IT service or hosting provider. In most cases we work with your current IT providers to enhance their offering. Our unique approach to infrastructure design, support and consulting has made Sautech one of the most reputable solutions providers.
We offer reseller and consulting services to many ISP’s, Hosting companies and IT Support businesses. Sautech does not deal directly with the public.