SauHost – Data Retention in Cloud

SauHost – Data Retention in Cloud

SauDrive allows you to manage centralized file sharing, space for backups, client documentation and project files, stored security in the cloud. Sautech manages your backups to an offsite location for continuity and disaster data recovery.

Data is stored in the cloud, where all staff or clients (based on security settings) has access to:


User Based Backup

SauDrive is Sautech’s data sharing solution. With Sautech’s SauDrive, we take care of everything. Installing a fileserver, server support and data backups to external drives are all managed remotely eliminating the need and cost of onsite IT support. Simply supply us with the users that needs to connect and we will setup your space and configuration. Your data is secure in the cloud. Our team is also available to assist you or your onsite IT support to configure the daily backups to our infrastructure. We also offer an outsourced backup managed service to maintain and test your offsite backups.

Centralized Storage Sharing: (SauFileShare)

SauHost Data Retention in Cloud Network sharing and centralised document management can be hosted securely in the cloud for all employees to share, and utilise, either onsite or remotely. Each client can setup his security on all data so that each employee or department can have their own unique access.

Replicated onsite data storage to our secure datacentre gives you the flexibility to focus on your business. Offsite SauFileShare enables all the users to share and backup data centrally. We automatically enable the synchronisation process to our datacentre. We also offer the option to back up the shared data for 30 days to our offsite storage. With the low costs of SauDrive and SauFileShare, everyone can now afford to be properly protected.

The SauFileShare option also has the option to allow you to back up your onsite servers and data securely to the cloud for compliance and disaster data recovery.

Starting from R10 per user per month